CryptoValley.Africa is here! The buy and sell anything with Bitcoin and crypto marketplace.

By admin• March 30, 2021
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SAFCOIN launches Africa’s first multi-seller crypto powered platform, CryptoValley.Africa

Shop online with crypto, for almost anything!

Shop with crypto. Sell for crypto.  The new online shopping platform for Africa’s crypto enthusiasts.

Cryptovalley.Africa is here! You can now buy and sell anything with Bitcoin or SAFCOIN with more crypto’s coming soon.


The founders of SAFCOIN are proud to announce the launch of another first-for-Africa, multi-seller platform, www.CryptoValley.Africa.   Thousands of small to medium-sized African businesses can now connect on this platform, enabling free listing and online selling of crypto, locally as well as globally.  

Shop with crypto.

“We are proud to introduce yet another use-case for Bitcoin holders.  Cryptovalley.Africa taps into many ways in which crypto positively impacts Africa” states Founder-CEO Neil Ferreira.  “Combining crypto and e-commerce is a very powerful duo, a solution to so many problems in the digital payment environment across Africa.”


With the African Continental Free Trade Agreement, (AfCFTA) which came into effect in January 2021, crypto stands to further enhance the rapid growth in the African e-commerce sector.  More shoppers are now able to support local African sellers in neighbouring African countries with cross-border payments being secure and instant by means of the SAFCOIN mobile wallet.

“People need to be able to spend their crypto rather than just trading it on exchanges. A large portion of crypto-owners struggle with the concept of trading, and prefer to hold digital value which can be easily accessed for payment anytime the need should arise,” Ferreira adds.  

Bitcoin was intended to be a form of currency rather than being traded similarly to the stock exchange.  Ferreira says: “That is why Cryptovalley.Africa has been introduced: to enhance its original founding cause.  We believe cryptocurrency will go mainstream in Africa, and e-commerce is pivotal to this movement.”

Sell for crypto.

Although the crypto market can be volatile, many enjoy the rate of growth cryptos have produced, especially over the last few months.  If a seller had been selling for Bitcoin on Cryptovalley.Africa beginning December 2020, their earnings would have grown over 200% by January 2021.
This is a wonderful solution for Africans dealing with depreciation of their local currency.  If a dollar can go far in Africa, imagine what some Bitcoin can do!

For the seller who prefers less risk or volatility, the crypto funds earned on CryptoValley.Africa can be converted instantly from crypto to FIAT (cash) in local currency using the SAFCOIN mobile wallet. 

FIAT Cashout in local currency is available in Nigeria, South Africa and Uganda and will be available in 33 African countries by the end of 2021.

Although some are still sceptical about the anonymity of cryptos and the continuous rise of digital fraud, the SAFCOIN platforms undergo a series of security measures to protect its users and harness the positives of crypto payments.

Recently Cryptovalley partnered with SA Motor Corporation who is now the first to sell cars for Bitcoin in South Africa.

“We have been working with various retailers and brands in South Africa. We are impassioned about our partners whose product ranges will include jewellery, gaming and accessories, fashion, electronics, food, home decor, crafts and even livestock in rural communities.  This is an exciting time for the industry, and we are extremely proud to be part of this revolution,” says Ferreira. 

Sellers can list their products free of charge and only pay a percentage fee on successful sales.

If you would like to start selling on Cryptovalley or go shopping, you can contact the CryptoValley.Africa team who are on hand to help you get started. They will assist with a shop setup for free and help you get your wallet account verified.


The founders of the SAFCOIN ecosystem come with more than 40 years combined experience in e-commerce. Back in 2017 the SAFCOIN blockchain and crypto was born and grew from strength to strength developing use-cases around the ecosystem including: