Beware of Phishing Scams

By admin• April 15, 2020
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Here's how you can protect your account from Phishing

Phishing is the attempt of a scammer duplicating a site, and then emailing users to log in and either update their details or claim rewards - in this way they are able to get your username, password and other info.

The problem is that you may think it is the correct site you are accessing because it looks similar to the original site, but it is not - here is how to spot the difference:

1. Most important: Browser Address
This is THE MOST IMPORTANT check you must always perform before you log into your SAFCOIN account.  Check that the browser address always says

2. We will never ask you via an email to update your details
If you ever want to check if correspondence we have sent you is legit, simply email


3. Check the reply-to email address.
It could look like the email comes from SAFCOIN, but when you reply to the email it goes to a different address.  If it does not reply to, you know its bad.

4. Spelling Mistakes
Phishers sometimes swop around the letters. Be extra careful when you read and when you notice that any of the SAFCOIN letters have been swopped around in an email, the reply-to email address or in the address browser, don't trust it.

If you ever think that your account security may have been compromised, please contact us so we can help you to keep it secure.

We add additional security layers to your account, so if phishers do get hold of your username and password it is harder for them to gain access to your account and perform transactions due to alternative methods of verification we have in place.  However, always keep yourself safe from these types of scams by checking the site you are logging into.

Although we work day and night to keep your account safe and secure, always be on the lookout, so you can keep your account safe from phishers trying to steal your information.

Happy trading!