Africa's crypto-currency. Now launched!

By TEAM SAFCOIN • July 01, 2019
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SAFCOIN AFRICA PRESS RELEASE | 28 June 2019 | For more information or questions contact |


Africa has it’s own crypto-currency - SAFCOIN AFRICA.  Now launched!


The crypto for Africans, by Africans.


Cryptocurrency has the power to drastically reduce financial bottlenecks and will help individuals in Africa to participate in economies outside their immediate communities.  This means that they can now connect with fellow Africans easily and help their small business grow, send non-cash remittance and become financially included.


The number of mobile users in Africa is rising exponentially, and the SAFCOIN crypto-currency ecosystem has the power to connect the 1.3billion African people to emerging markets, with ease.


SAFCOIN is tapping into the many ways that crypto and blockchain positively impacts Africa, with great determination.  “We are here to divulge the numerous benefits of crypto for Africa by developing use case technology for every individual to benefit from the positives of crypto-currency.  All whilst maintaining the highest levels of business ethics and standards” says Neil Ferreira, co-founder and CEO.


Bitcoin has proven that crypto for Africa is in high demand and highly beneficial.  Now as a complimentary to the “MOTHER” of crypto-currencies, SAFCOIN is introduced to provide a unique crypto for our continent within an environment to improve control and security.

”We foresee a future where there will not be only one crypto-currency dominating the earth but rather a space where every crypto fulfils a unique set of requirements for its users - of which these currencies can be easily converted interchangeably, by the user- without the unnecessary fees and middlemen associated with traditional (fiat) currencies.”


SAFCOIN successfully completed their ICO in October 2018 and victoriously launched the SAFCOIN crypto-currency, crypto exchange and mobile wallet in December 2018 for South Africa.


We’re excited to announce that these platforms are now available for African countries to participate!


The SAFCOIN Exchange
SAFCOIN can be purchased or traded on the SAFCOIN exchange with low fees, USD to SAF (SAFCOIN), USD to BTC (Bitcoin) and BTC to SAF trading pairs.  Sending SAFCOIN to anyone is FREE.

The team are already following KYC (know your customer) control procedures to ensure that the SAFCOIN eco-system remains a friendly and safe environment for its users and free from AML or terrorist financing activities.


The SAFCOIN mobile wallet.

Users can store their SAFCOIN AND Bitcoin using the SAFCOIN mobile wallet.  They can buy or trade crypto-currency, stay up to date with the latest news - all in the palm of their hand. 

The mobile wallet makes it easy for African users to participate in a bunch of new developments which we will be announcing in the near future.

Download the wallet app by visiting the SAFCOIN website ( , or via the Google Play and Apple stores respectively.  It is free for anyone to use.


Clearly, cryptocurrency is growing in Africa and SAFCOIN, as the first exclusively African digital currency, is at the forefront. By 2020, the GSM Association predicts that Africa will have 725 million mobile subscribers, literally putting the tools needed to access the SAFCOIN cryptocurrency ecosystem at people’s fingertips.  It’s an exciting time to be leading the industry.


The primary launched SAFCOIN platforms pave the way for future revolutionary developments.

The launch of the SAFCOIN crypto, wallet and exchange into Africa lays the foundation for many innovative developments, with our e-commerce integration, marketplace, crypto payment gateway and rewards system already well under way.  More on that soon. :)