SAFCOIN listing on P2PB2B.IO International Exchange

By TEAM SAFCOIN • May 13, 2021
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As per recent news, the SAFCOIN team are delighted to announce that will be hosting the SAFCOIN IEO starting 26 May, and listing on 3 June 2021!

Welcome to Africa, P2PB2B!

The P2PB2B cryptocurrency trading platform was founded in 2018, with headquarters in London, England. P2PB2B Exchange is not just a cryptocurrency exchange platform, but also a trusted partner for crypto projects.

P2PB2B is currently ranked among the TOP 35% of exchanges on, and boasts an impressive $438-million 24-hour volume traded in the past 24 hours as at time of writing.

P2PB2B have over 200 cryptocurrencies and fiat money, including BTC, ETH, USD, and others.

Worldwide users comprise over 50% of their trader demographic, either in Europe or the UK, with other countries including China, South Korea, Russia, Japan,Vietnam, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, and many more.

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