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Vision and Mission

SAFCOIN envisions to tap into the ways that crypto can positively impact Africa.  We are not here to overthrow the existing financial system but rather tap into the numerous benefits of crypto for Africa. We strive to develop use case technology around our platforms for every individual to benefit from, all whilst undertaking to maintain the highest levels of business ethics and standards.

Core Values

Passion: We are a very passionate country. Passionate about culture, diversity and reaching new heights.

Appreciation: Respect each other. Appreciate each other's history. Appreciate the opportunities you are given.

Simplicity: Keep things simple and to the point.

Trust: Trust in each other. Believe in Africa. Work together.

Ubuntu: I am because you are. SAFCOIN is because South Africa is. South Africa is because Africa is.

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“Despite success stories from all over the world,
blockchain remains a relatively new concept for many Africans.”



Introducing the team who work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure the success of SAFCOIN. We are exceptionally passionte about Africa's diverse culture, the continent and making a difference in the lives of others. It is our mission to tap into the many positive benefits of crypto and give all an opportunity to embrace this new technology.


Our development team is located throughout various countries across the globe in Singapore, USA, India, Dubai, Russia and Egypt. By combining international knowledge, expertise and experience - we can ensure that SAFCOIN's platforms are of optimum quality and comply with international standards, thus laying the foundation for a successful project.

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