Here's how to keep your wallet safe.

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Although we take extreme security measures to make sure everything stays safe on the SAFCOIN exchange, there are a few things that you can do which we have no control over but will help keep things safe from your side:

1. Password

Always ensure that you use a DIFFICULT password, this is super important. Using your birth date or 1234 simply won't cut it. Sure you'll be able to remember it easier, but so easy will it be for cybercriminals to figure it out.

2. Email Verification
You will have to verify your email address so we can make sure it's yours.

3. Two-factor Authentication
Take this easy step and make sure that you enable two-factor authentication for your SAFCOIN wallet. This way everytime you use your wallet, you will receive a One Time Pin to your specified cell number as an additional layer of security. No SMS OTP = no trade = protected SAFCOINS.

4. Google Authenticator Support
If you are using a smartphone, we strongly recommend that you make use of Google Authenticator which has been built into your wallet. Typically, a user installs the Authenticator app on a smartphone. To log into a site or service that uses two-factor authentication, the user provides the user name and password to the site and runs the Authenticator app. The app displays an additional six-digit one-time password. The same password is independently generated by the site, which asks the user for it. The user enters it, thus authenticating the user's identity.

5. Automatic logout after inactivity
You will be logged out of your account automatically after a few minutes of inactivity so that no one snoops around whilst you have left your account unattended.

6. Email notifications
Every time you log into your mobile wallet, trade or perform any activity you will receive an email notification .

7. Easy to use UI (user interface)
Keeping things simple and user friendly is another plus.